Who Am I?

I go by silvervine16, and I am just another latino exploring the web and getting by.

What I Do:

I tend to make artwork, both both in 2D and in 3D. I just use whatever works for me in 2D, and I use Blender for 3D work. I also work on my website as well, and am currently relearning HTML plus CSS, as well learning JS when the time comes. I am also planning to write a story as well, but progress has been halted. I also plan on learning how to use the Godot Engine to create games as well, when the time comes.

Other Stuff:

I plan on getting out there and making games as a career in the very far future. I now use Linux, with the distro of my choice being Kubuntu. I made the switch after formatting my secondary drive to ext4 and getting tired of Microsoft's shenanigans. My top three favorite animals are in order: Domestic Cats, Wolves, and Ducks.

Contact and Locations

You can contact me via email as the best way of gettng in contact. You can also find me elsewhere on the web: